No Stories and “Mean” Birds

I honestly have no plan for this post.

I bet y’all feel loved right now.

This weeks theme was to write a short story.

However, my imagination level right now is at 0% capacity. I was about to write a story about Thor because my computer cursor is baby Thor drinking tea and eating a chicken wing, but that didn’t really work out very well. I think I’ll tell you a non-fiction story.

A flock of Ravens (the bird, not the sassy teenager from Disney Channel) is called an unkindness. There really is no reason for this, except for the “poetic” one. Ravens are usually cast as a symbol of death or bad luck.  Basically, calling Ravens an unkindness is just calling it how you see it. They’re symbols or a bad omen, or in other words, an unkindness.

Edgar Allen Poe didn’t exactly try to break this stereotype. Just saying.

For Your Summery Pleasure

So, as you may or may not have realized, we have decided to be rather free-form with our posts. This means that we can write about whatever, and use a theme is necessary for inspiration. Not only is this a bit easier for everyone, (prepare for my inner youth-group leader) but we can all get to know each other on a deeper level.

Mmkay. So recently, I have been playing around on 8tracks. This is a wicked cool website, basically user-created Pandora. You can listen to playlists other people have made, and make your own playlists using music in your iTunes library. There is also an app for Android and iPhone that you can just listen to playlists on. (I have the app on my Kindle Fire, but my poor 1st Gen iPhone is too elderly to support my need for gnarly playlists on the go.)

Ellie has shared an 8tracks playlist with you in the past, but now I am giving you guys one! It’s a mix of summer songs that can be listened to while sunbathing, or cruising in your convertible…I don’t know. Listen to it whenever you want. Or not at all. I’m not your mother!

Oh yes: I was mysteriously absent for 2 or 3 weeks. That was due to my presence at Nerd Camp (not the real name, but whatevs.) You may or may not get more details, depending on my mood.

Enjoy the tunes!

Ohai Der

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Happy Monday everyone.

When I was forced to create art

Let’s keep this simple. Although art can be expressed in many ways, most of my life art has been expressed through painting. However, for much of my elementary school years, I was sent to art classes because I was okay at art. That was my extracurricular. Therefore, EVERY TIME I SAW A RELATIVE FOR YEARS AND YEARS AND YEARS INCLUDING STILL TODAY they’d say, “Oh, hi, Katherine! Still making art? Can I see? Paint something for me? I want to see what you’ve made lately.”  I don’t think they’ve realized that i quit art five years ago, but whatever. I quit when they started trying to make me paint self-portraits. Every class I took involved painting a self-portrait. I grew tired of it and quit. However, one time we got to paint flowers and the teacher said I had the best painting in the class Lucky me. It still hangs in my room.

Sometimes, I doodle and draw for fun, maybe with watercolors, but that’s all. I created this this summer, however, on one of the leftover canvases that relatives gave me in hopes that I would paint something childish and adorable and present it to them. Nope.

In conclusion, while I appreciate this kind of art, I appreciate music more. That’s my art.

I Look At Art

Hello there! I apologize for my absence last week. I was camp because it’s summer and camp is a summer thing. That people do. I guess. But yeah. Here I am. I’m sure you’re all thrilled.

This week’s topic is art. Fabu!

Personally, I’m not an artist. Like, drawing/painting/creating pieces of art is not my forte. I’m not good at it, so I don’t try, because I don’t like to embarrass myself. I love looking at them though. Oh yeah, looking I’m good at. Really. First class looker right here.

I’m going to get deep now so you may need a life jacket.

I think art can be expressed in more ways than just on paper. Ever wonder why musicians are called “artists”? Because the music they make is their own form of art. Dance, also, obviously. Dance, in my eyes, is art expressed through movement. Speech is art as well. The way people form single words that alone mean nothing, but together mean so much. Poetry? Yup. Really, anything someone does to express themselves is art, in my eyes.

Oh gosh, I’m sorry. That was cheesy.

Fun fact, anyone? Yes, please.

A Doritos commercial was broadcast in space. Now, even aliens know that Americans’ priorities are a little off.

After having a contest to see who could make the best commercial for Doritos chips, the company decided to make the prize a little sweeter by broadcasting the winner into space, because you can’t just give them a plaque and move on. The 45-second commercial was broadcast for six hours into a solar system 42 light years away, just in case those aliens were desperate for some good programming.

I hope the aliens don’t take this to mean that there are intelligent life forms out there, just because they saw a cheesy triangle in the sky.

Anyway, way to go Doritos, for being so technologically advanced!

Au revoir for now!


Art! Oh, goodie.

I’ll start off this post by apologizing profusely for the fact that I am, surely, the worst person on the planet. I disappeared for a month and a week– I promise I’m not dead– and posted nothing and wrote nothing [but fanfiction] and just hung out on tumblr and was antisocial.

And for that, I apologize.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, I will tell you briefly that Ireland was the most EXCELLENT THING EVER ASDFGHJKL and DIDNEY WORL was brilliant and lovely and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter made me die. So maybe I am dead. Because it was so endlessly brilliant that I can’t even describe it (heh, and I call myself a writer.).

And now, for something completely different: art.

A quarter of my school is devoted entirely to the visual arts– sculpture, painting, jewelry making, carving, drawing, etc– so I see a lot of various artworks through the halls. A few of my close friends are Visual kids and they’re always fun to spend time with, even though they keep talking about stuff like two-point perspective and I’m just like “bzzzzkkmsihlikhsuhkwop whaaaaaa?…..”

Also, my school is located in an arts district, so there are lots of art museums surrounding me. There’s the main one, a collection of Asian art, and a sculpture center. I don’t go there super much, but maybe once or twice a month [agh so shamefully little]. But hey, I’m not required to. Only Visual kids go places regularly on field trips.

I don’t really do art myself. I’ve never been good at it. Every now and then I get lucky and draw something or someone and it turns out okay (one time I drew David Tennant and he looked rather good. I’m also not bad at drawing the TARDIS). But that’s really rare.

I often wish I was a better artist than I actually am– I have all these ideas for fanart or concept art in my head or just random pictures but I will never, ever be able to execute them in real life. Same thing with fanvids and gifs. Erm.

However, I see a lot of art sometimes. My dad recently took me to a collection of Asian art here in California (AHMG DID I FORGET TO MENTION THAT I WAS IN CALIFORNIA BECAUSE I AM NOW OOPS I FORGOT EHEHEHEHEHEHEHE BUT I AM UNTIL AUGUST YES SO NOW YOU KNOW). That was nice– I saw a lot of really wacky morbid art that I oddly enjoyed a lot and felt bad about myself for liking.

Most of the art I see comes from tumblr; I follow this fantastic blog which can be found at and there are SO MANY delightful art things. I usually reblog everything that comes off it because it’s all so brilliant. It’s usually modern art, but in a really cool way. Even if you don’t understand the message of said art, it’s still always really nice to look at. I enjoy it a lot.

If writing is considered an art, it may be maybe said maybe that I contribute. I’m not saying what I write is art per se, but at least I write.

[I’ve written one short one-shot, a few new chapters of my SuperWhoLock, and many, many chapters for a Destiel AU that I’m in LOVE with since the last time I checked in on here. Ack. It’s been a while. I promise I won’t be dead for so long anymore in the future.]

Erm, so, yeah. Sorry I couldn’t say much more about the wacky world of art. It’s not something I’m very close to.

But I hope you can forgive me for being absent! I feel absolutely rubbish about it. Please believe me. *insert cryface here*

So yeah. Art.

G’bye, deers! See you next week when we discuss… whatever it is that we’re discussing!